3-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Proves You Don't Need Two Arms to Enjoy Halloween

UnfollowFollow Topic Be first Be firstScarlette Tipton is like most 3-year-old girls: she enjoys singing and dancing, she watches “Moana” like it’s her job and she rocks a homemade costume every Halloween.

Scarlette’s costumes, however, are a bit more creative than your average 3-year-old’s. When she was just a few month old, Scarlette lost her left arm to a rare cancer. Since then, her mom has helped her create costumes that embody her bold spirit while reminding fellow trick-or-treaters you don’t need two arms to enjoy Halloween.

“Scarlette is a true spitfire,” Scarlette’s mother Simone Tipton told The Mighty. “She told me she wanted to be a ‘spooky guy that scares people’ last year for Halloween, so I took her to the Halloween store and let her look around. She had her heart set on a skeleton dress costume and I had an idea that I wanted to try.”

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